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Project Submissions Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines while submitting projects:
  • Only Youtube and Vimeo videos are allowed
  • Users can use either shortened YouTube URLs, such as ( or the URLs can be in their regular format, such as
  • Vimeo URLs should be in the following format:
  • We do not accept URL shortening services like
  • Videos should be public, that is, accessible by anyone
  • All the project files should be zipped as a single zip archive with extension .zip
  • Description should not be more than 500 characters
Posting Guidelines in Forums

Please follow these guidelines while posting on the Forums page.
  • Advertising (direct, surrogate, indicative or suggestive) or generating leads in public on the forum is not allowed without permission. Any advertising on the site without permission will invite an immediate public ban. If you wish to advertise, please contact .
  • Posting your own blogs or websites with a clear focus on diverting discussions away from the forum or business angle is not acceptable.
  • A maximum of three warnings will be given to any user not following the rules before suspending their account.
  • No multiple posts on same/similar topics. We encourage posting in existing topics so that the forum is more manageable. Multiple topics will be locked by moderators and purged later.
  • Do not SPAM or post in topics that have specific purposes unless you mean it. Frequent violators will be banned.
  • Refrain from making personal attacks on anyone. Send in a notice regarding any issue/concerns to moderators if need be.
  • Sharing of personal information such as phone numbers and home addresses in posts is strictly forbidden.
  • Make use of the search functionality extensively. This place will be around for a while and your question(s) might have already been raised and answered in appropriate topic(s). Trivial topics will be locked and purged immediately.
  • Name your topics appropriately. This will not only facilitate users to filter out unwanted topics but will also make searching easier.
  • Go easy on capitalizing. Posting messages in capitals is not only rude, but also makes it uncomfortable to read. Refrain from using very light or dark colours for posts.
  • Be nice to everyone. Sarcastic or insulting comments, innuendoes and behaviour will not be taken lightly.
  • Do not post material that you do not have permission to distribute electronically or otherwise.
  • You will not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any illegal activities. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are expressly forbidden.
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