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What are the benefits of this portal for research students?

Research students that already have created projects that they would like sponsorship for, can connect with universities that are on the lookout for funding/sponsoring meritorious projects.

Besides this, students who are on the lookout for good research projects to take up can find such opportunities in the form of projects that have been put up on the site by universities looking out for talented students to take them up.

What are the benefits of this portal for universities?

Universities can get a ready list of projects awaiting sponsors, and if they find any meritorious projects having good potential, they can consider sponsoring or funding the same.

Apart from this, universities can also put up projects they deem important, and for which they're on the lookout for bright researchers, and connect with such prospects through the site.

How should I upload my research project onto this site?

Research projects should have two components, a Zip file and a video. The user needs to submit their project files in a compressed format, in the form of a Zip file.

Though a user cannot directly upload a project video onto the Research Connector site, they can put up video links of their project, put up on approved third party video sites. At present, only YouTube and Vimeo video links are allowed. For instructions on uploading a video through YouTube, please visit or watch an instructional video on uploading YouTube videos at

For Vimeo users, please visit the upload page. Or, you can click the 'Upload a video' button on the home page, or find the 'Upload' link in the top navigation. Those will all bring you to the upload page where you can upload your video. Make sure you have carefully read the rules for what kind of videos you can upload (only ones you make yourself!) and hit the 'Choose a Video to Upload' button, select the file you want to upload from your computer, and hit 'Select' (or 'Choose'). Your video will automatically start uploading to Vimeo and you'll see a progress bar telling you how long it will take.

After your video is finished uploading, it will go through a conversion process. You can monitor that process with a progress bar as well. While the video is converting you may leave that page and Vimeo will send you an email when it's finished.

I understand that it is compulsory to upload my research project partly as a video file. What video formats are acceptable for this purpose? What is the file size limit?

Currently, we're starting out with accepting YouTube video links, we're looking at expanding our approved video partner sites to include others, such as

For YouTube, YouTube allows users to upload their videos in a wide variety of formats, including MP4, 3GPP, AVI, FLV, and WMV among others. For the full list of allowed file formats, please visit

Vimeo users can upload their videos in H.264/MP4 formats. For complete instructions on how to optimize your video for, please visit

I understand that it is compulsory to upload my research project partly as a compressed file. What are the exact specifications for this?

You can submit your project files in a compressed format, either as a zip file. For this, you can use software such as WinRAR.

What is the procedure for becoming a member on this site?

You need to enter the requested details on the 'Register' page to get a user name and password with which to log in to the site subsequently. The user name can be your email ID.

Can I upload my research video directly on the site itself?

No, you cannot upload your video directly to the Research Connector site. However, you can post a video link of your project video as uploaded on approved third party sites such as and

Besides posting a project or taking up one from among those put up on the site, can I get general research advice or suggestions?

You can get access to research advice and suggestions on the Forum section of the site, where experts answer research-related queries.

Where must the project files be uploaded?

On the 'My ongoing projects' page, click 'Project details' and follow the instructions to submit your project files.

How will I be notified once a university has decided to take up my posted project?

The university will get in touch with you via the contact details you've provided on your profile, such as your email address. (please provide additional suggestions, if any)

Does the site put up job postings for research positions as well? If so, are there any specific application criteria?

Currently, research-related job postings are not put up on the portal, as we're focusing on being an interface between budding researchers and universities, so the portal is more academic than job-oriented.

Are there any registration fees for joining this portal?

No, there are no registration fees for registering with Research Connector, whether you're registering as a student or as a partner. You only need to enter particular details requested in the registration form in either case, and on submitting these details, you'd be able to successfully register, and would be able to log in to the site with your chosen/given username and password.

Can I see an index of the universities that have joined this portal?

Yes, you can see the universities that are currently members of this site on the 'Partners' page.

If I encounter any error/difficulty in uploading my project video despite following the guidelines regarding formats and sizes, who do I approach for a resolution?

You can write to us at ( and our administrators/technical experts will help your out with your difficulty. Alternately, you can search on the Forums page for similar queries and try implementing the resolutions provided therein to see if your problem gets rectified. If there are no previous relevant queries regarding your difficulty, please post the same to the Forum and the experts/members will provide suggestions to resolve it.
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